Executive Committee Members and Affiliated Bodies
Honorary Advisors    
Permanent Honorary Advisor Dr. Ng Chun-yeong, Young  
Legal Mr. Ng Ge-bun  
Conservation Dr. Wong Fook-yee  
Science Professor Yim Wai-shu, Wyss  
Geoparks & Geotourism Professor Tian Mingzhong  
Environmental Impact Assessment and Envirornmental Policy Professor Lam Kin-che  
Geodiversity Conservation
Mr. Kwong Tse-hin, Julian
Executive Committee Members    
Chairman Ms. Choi Mo-ching, Cindy Vice Chairman Dr. Woo Lai-yan, Karen
Secretary Ms. Fu-Wan, Daisy Treasurer Ms. Leung Yee-man, Gladys
Conveners for Working Group
Conservation Policy Professor Ng Sai-leung
Education Mr. Tang Kwok-cheung, Terence
Research Professor Marafa, Lawal
Membership Affairs Mr. Tam Kai-wing
Publicity Ms. Ho Suet-fan, Garro
IT Support Mr. Shum Man-yee, James
Activity Leaders  
  Mr. Wong Yat-hang, Eric
  Mr. Cheung Yiu-kwong, Godfrey
  Ms. Wong Wai-no, Anna
  Mr. Lam Yung-ming, John
Geodiversity Research Unit (GRU)
Head Dr. Ng Chun-yeong, Young
Team members Mr. Kwong Tse-hin, Julian
  Professor Marafa, Lawal
  Ms. Choi Mo-ching, Cindy
Chinese Academy of Tourism Earthscience & Geoparks Research, Geological Society of China (Hong Kong Branch)
Representative Dr. Ng Chun-yeong, Young